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As one of the region’s leading corrugated converters, our half century of experience has proven our capabilities to produce high quality packaging that will protect your product before, during, and after shipment. We have an impressive portfolio of unique designs that have enhanced a brand image and made product stand out on the shelf. No matter the customer, we can successfully satisfy any printing and box requirements.

  • Structural Design – Our professional design team can assist your business with designing specific packaging and creating graphics, branding elements, logos or other visuals that meet your packaging needs.  Using the latest ArtiosCAD design tools to create all types of cost-effective corrugated solutions with the appropriate Mullen grade and ECT specifications, our team assists customers with packaging solutions using:
    • Corrugated sheets from E Flutes to Triplewall
    • Foam inserts;
    • Laminate substrate;
    • Corner protectors; and
    • Specialty die cutting and assembly processes

     that exceed all functionality, strength and aesthetic requirements.

  • Graphic and Sample Designs – From concept design to samples of all types to full-sized and 3-D graphic mock-ups, you can count on our team for the best service!  Using the Artios CAD design software, we can cut and refine samples until the final prototype meets our customers’ expectations. The new Xante digital printer produces samples for customer approval preventing expensive tooling costs. We also have big box sample capability! Our Kongsberg SL sample table, one of the largest in the region, can produce samples of large industrial boxes ranging from single wall to triple wall construction.  Additionally, we can service craft brewers and wineries!  Our quick turnaround, dedication to high quality and competitive pricing make Cumberland Container your one-stop shop for:
    • Carriers
    • Can packaging
    • Mother cases
    • Point-of-purchase displays
    • Club store packaging

     all in small or large runs!

  • Digital Printing and Litho Labeling – Digital printing and Litho labeling offer creative solutions to apply complex graphics to corrugated board. Our ability to create eye-catching designs for virtually any packaging provides our customers with superior options when developing their corrugated solution.
  • Specialty Gluing and Stitching – In packaging, strength is key. We only use the best glues and staples in our top of the line single- and double-headed stitchers and gluers ensuring performance under pressure for your packaging. Have a tough-to-run item? No problem! We have the knowledge and equipment to create functional and durable packages that are right for your business.

Xante EG4800

Our Xante Digital printer allows Cumberland Container to provide print packaging in-house, saving time and money, while providing an additional service to the customer. The Excelagraphix 4800 produces full color samples in-house eliminating additional printing plates and set-up charges. From a simple PDF file, the Xante can immediately produce samples for approval and then to proceed to production runs. Although not a large volume printer, the Xante allows us to design custom boxes and then run up to 400 units per hour. This process prints directly on the box, so no need for costly labels.

Kongsberg XL

The Esko Kongsberg XL-Series of die-less cutting and creasing tables for packaging applications are the benchmark in their kind for reliability and productivity. It delivers record-breaking productivity and versatility, resulting from leading edge technology. The Kongsberg table is one of the industry’s most cost-effective machines, loaded with unique features that save time and boost sample quality. The Kongsberg XL 46 sample table was installed at Cumberland Container in 2005 and has capabilities that range from E-Flute to Triple-Wall to Foam, it is mainly used for short production runs and customer samples.

Esko Kongsberg XL-Series Brochure

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