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Cumberland Container has the most diverse array of equipment of any independent corrugated converter in the southeast U.S.  We provide visually attractive packaging products that offer superior protection and durability. Our specialized equipment allows us the speed and flexibility to produce orders of any volume with accuracy and efficiency. Our complete manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide packaging materials to a variety of industries including:

Beer, Wine & Spirits
Home Goods
Home Improvements

221C Jumbo Partition AssemblerCumberland Container continues to add new capablilities with the order of the Premier Model 221C Jumbo Auto Feed Partition Assembler set to arrive in December 2020.

The Jumbo Auto Feed Partition Assember features include:

  • 30 minute setup times
  • 7-10 partitions per minute run speed
  • MIcro-flute through double wall thickness, chipboard and corrugated plastic
  • partitionsCorrugated max: 50x48.75x20"
  • Corrugated min: 6x6x3"
  • Fiberboard max: 36x36x14"
  • Fiberboard min: 6x6x3"
  • Corrugated plastic max: 50x48.75x20"
  • Corrugated plastic min: 6x6x3"
  • Two person operation


Cumberland Container is excited to introduce the Apstar HG2 50" Flexo Folder Gluer to its technology fleet. Installed in April 2019, this performer brings quality and responsiveness with one pass inside 1-color and outside 3-color print capacity. This new technology is perfect for e-commerce and is a cost-efficient way to better deliver your message to your customers.

Our Apstar HG2:

  • Produces final products at a minimum 13.78 x 23.62 up to a maximum 50” x 110” size
  • Prints 3-outside colors and 1-inside color with +/- 0.02" print registration
  • Makes full length in-line die cuts
  • Generates at speeds up to 13,200 boxes per hour
  • Runs Design Style Trays (DST) or Caps/Lids
  • Handles up to 59” x 110" blank through machine on skip feed
  • Can cut 66” length on full die cuts.

Baysek C-170 Flatbed Die Cutter

Cumberland Container's new Baysek C-170 Cutter offers superior performance and versatility. Its single operator efficiency will run 1,800 sheets per hour with clean edges. Its easy tooling and short setup times save customers money and time, giving Cumberland Container an enhanced range of fulfillment opportunities.

  • No trim or angel hair.  Clean, uniformed units.
  • Handles chipboard to double wall sheets.
  • Stacks pieces tightly in each unit.  Can stagger stack units in any increment and automatically insert tie sheets.
  • Runs up to 54 units per cutting die pass.
  • Accepts sheets up to 55” through x 67” across.

The EMBA McKinley 2 Color, 66"x190" Jumbo Flexo In-Line Die Cutter Folder Gluer creates straight, precise, 2 color printing with correctly slotted and die cut sheets that can be folded and glued to produce high quality boxes.

Cumberland Container's  EMBA McKinley Jumbo is equipped with the following features:

  • Precision Pre-feeder – Alliance brand that increases production speeds.
  • Quality Printing – Advanced continuous vacuum transfer and servo-positioned harmonic compensators allow for extremely close print registration; reverse angle doctor blade and 250 line screen ceramic anilox rolls give sharp graphic results.
  • Heavy Duty Slotting Section – Jumbo, single, and multi-wall bulk containers and pallet-size shippers.
  • Massive 30 ton slotting section allows for different calipers of corrugated board from B flute to heavy double wall.
  • Slotting is crisp and exact – gap variations are eliminated.
  • Efficient, high-level performance with consistent quality.

EMBA McKinley Jumbo Specs

Our Revco 1-color Flexo Folder Gluer gives Cumberland Container unparalleled ability to efficiently produce quality triple wall packaging for large-scale and industrial products.  As one of the only machines with triple wall capacity in the Southeast U.S., the Revco makes us uniquely qualified to provide all of your triple wall needs.

  • Capable of skip feeding up to 105"
  • Produces trays and 2-piece cartons
  • Can run sheets up to size 86” x 204”

Revco Flexo Folder Gluer Specs

Martin Flexo Folder Gluer 618 Quatro

Cumberland Container’s Mini Martin gives flexibility to customers needing products up to 25” X 75”. Its 3-color and in-line die-cutting capabilities produces up to 26,000 boxes per hour with very short set up times.

Features of the Mini Martin include:

  • Equipped with a Servo Feeder.
  • 3-color printing with Rapid Fire stations, decreasing set-up times.
  • Vacuum transfer from feeder to slotting section.
  • In-line cutting die with Posi-Lock, ideal for any cutting die attachments.
  • Inside and outside glue capability.

Mini 618 Martin Specs

The BCS AutoBOX is capable of automatically changing styles and sizes, reducing the need for tooling and manual set ups. Using Quick Set UP technology and touch activated screens, the box style and size are easily entered and stored so that we may create a multitude of boxes with little setup time and no expensive cuttings dies to purchase. The versatile AutoBOX runs different thicknesses of corrugated with ease, from E-Flute to Triple Wall using a fraction of the energy traditional box making machines use, saving you further production costs.

Features of the AutoBOX include:

  • Capable of running small to large quantities.
  • Produces one or five panel folders (OPF's or FPF's) without tooling.
  • Has 2 sections for 8x8 cutting die attachments.
  • Capable of continuous printing through the carton.
  • Produces multiple partitions from one blank with 3/8" slot.

With a 2-color and 3-color option, our two Langston rotary die cutters are solid workhorses in the Cumberland Container fleet.  

  • Works with sizes up to 66” x 113”.
  • 2-color and 3-color printing capacity.
  • Capable of printing on inside and outside with two passes.
  • Simultaneous precision scoring and die cutting.

Langston RDC Specs

The Bobst Experfold 350 Folder Gluer's fast make-readies offer responsiveness and superb consistency for both short and long runs. 

  • Runs 75" x 137" blanks.
  • Creates Auto Lock Bottom Cartons.
  • Glued Trays In Fold or Out Fold.
  • Straight Line.
  • Squaring section for uniformly finished cartons.
  • Equipped with jam prevention for efficient run times.

Our Kongsberg XL 46 CAD Sample Fabrication and Short Run Production Table is the largest in Tennessee and  provides our Design Team the ability to quickly cut and test multiple designs for the best solution to customer needs.

This table cuts:

  • Material up to 87"x190";
  • Up to 3” Foam;
  • 20 Point / Caliber Chip Board; and
  • B flute to Triple Wall.
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