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Cumberland Container's 50th anniversary celebration featured dignataries, tours and demonstrations at our Monterey Tennesee facility.  Media coverage follows.



Cumberland Container is celebrating its 50th year of business.

The corrugated cardboard company held tours and a ceremony celebrating its achievement Friday.  Cumberland Container specializes in making boxes for other companies shipping needs. 

"We've had a great relationship with the city of Monterey," said Mark Jared, Cumberland Container director. "It's the community that has made us successful."

United States Congressman John Rose, Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter and Monterey Mayor Bill Wiggins spoke on what the company has done for the town of Monterey in its years of service.

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Cumberland Container is excited to introduce the Apstar HG2 50" Flexo Folder Gluer to its technology fleet. Installed in April 2019, this performer brings quality and responsiveness with one pass inside 1-color and outside 3-color print capacity. This new technology is perfect for e-commerce and is a cost-efficient way to better deliver your message to your customers.

Our Apstar HG2:

  • Produces final products at a minimum 13.78” x 23.62” or maximum 50” x 110” size
  • Prints 3-outside colors, 1-inside color with +/- 0.02" print registration
  • Makes full length in-line die cuts
  • Generates at speeds up to 15,000 boxes per hour
  • Runs Design Style Trays (DST) or Caps/Lids
  • Handles up to 59” blank through machine on skip feed

Cumberland Container's expert sale and design teams are ready now to take your orders for this exciting new capability. Give us a call at 800-734-7976 or Contact Us to get started on your project.
Cumberland Plant Floor

In addition to these great machines, Cumberland Container proudly boasts a host of other equipment that is ruggedly built and enhanced with state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of any corrugated job.


S&S ZLR 2-color Flexo Folder Gluer 50” x 113”

S&S ZLR Flexo Folder Gluer Specs


Staley 2-color Rotary Die Cutter – Size 66” x 85”

Staley Rotary Die Cutter Specs

Revco 1-color Flexo Folder Gluer – Size 86” x 204”

  • Capable of skip feeding up to 105"
  • Produces trays and 2-piece cartons

Revco Flexo Folder Gluer Specs


2 Piece one-pass Gluer (Coming  soon!)

  • Capable of running sheets up to 152" 

Bostitch Twin-Head Stitcher

  • Can run 1- or 2-piece cartons
  • Maximum carton size of 50"x"118"

Partition Slotter

  • Cuts multiple slots for multiple cell partitions

Langston 2-color Printer / Slotter – Size 64” x 126

General Taper Gluer

3 EAM Mosca Strappers


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Toll Free: 800-734-7976
Fax: 931-839-3971
1027 North Chestnut Street, Monterey TN 38574

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