Cumberland Container has the capability to solve almost all of your packaging and point of purchase display needs. We have a proven track record and years of experience in providing quality products on time and per specifications. From design to printing or labeling, die cutting and/or folding, stitching and hand assembly to warehousing when needed and delivery, Cumberland has the capacity and equipment to provide packaging solutions.

342_Bobst_1_CC2 and 3 Color Printing – Realizing the importance of color, Cumberland has machines capable of 2 and 3 color printing that cover the majority of printing requirements. For specialty printing, we enjoy excellent relationships with suppliers to obtain pre-printing for large orders that can be die cut to box specifications. Cumberland has successfully worked with numerous customers to fully satisfy their printing requirements.

Structural Design
 – Cumberland’s team of experienced designers consistently create new corrugated solutions to assist our customers with packaging solutions that maintain their shape, functionality, and aesthetics, and save money. Using everything from different types and styles of stock board to foam inserts, laminate substrates, corner protectors, and specialty die cutting and assembly processes, our design team can create the highest level of functionality in all of our corrugated products.

001_Design_BoxGraphic and Sample Designs
 – Utilizing the in-house skills of our design team, Cumberland has a history of producing unique designs that enhance your brand image and product the way you would like it displayed. Our state-of-the-art computerized equipment allows us to cut and refine samples until the final prototype meets our customers’ expectations, receives their approval and the final printing and manufacturing begins. We also customize designed to insure product safety during transport. The new Xante digital printer allows us to produce samples for approvals before having to having to incur expensive tooling costs

Top Sheet Lamination
 – A frequently used solution for enhanced image recognition has been top sheet lamination and Cumberland has been doing this for years with excellent results. Complementing our wide range of structural and graphic design along with our diverse manufacturing capabilities provide solutions to meet our customers’ objectives and present their image at its best.

366_Martin_1Litho Labeling
 – Litho labeling is a great way to combine complex graphics from off set lithography with corrugated board. Our ability to combine die cutting and gluing litho labels in a variety of designs for product displays and point of sale packaging provides our customers with many options when developing their corrugated solution.

Specialty Gluing
 – Cumberland understands the intricacies of folding and gluing complex, tough-to-run items. We have the knowledge and equipment to joint shelf-ready packaging and floor-ready displays. Special attention is given to understanding our customers’ needs and developing the right packaging for their business.

Contract Packaging 
- Cumberland’s sales people visit our customers’ facilities to fully understand their packaging needs. With years of experience, they can make recommendations that will assist in efficiency and ultimately save money. They can take those recommendations to our design department to develop a packaging solution that works for your specific product.

309_Assembly_Line_CC_1Fulfillment (Assembly) – Cumberland also operates a fulfillment center to assist our customers that need more than just a box container. If your business has sensitive products that need additional protection, our design team can create solutions. We can provide specially prepared boxes that will save both time and money. Our fulfillment center can build your box and send it to you on a Just in Time (JIT) basis to allow you to simply place your product in the customized boxes and be ready to ship. The fulfillment center can provide the following services:

  • Custom build the box you need, palletizing the box and adding any necessary reinforcement
  • Foam reinforcement and packing
  • Glue
  • Label
  • Stretch and Shrink Wrapping

Custom Unitizing
 – Cumberland will arrange your order into custom units for specialized delivery according to your needs and specifications. We will palletize the order and work with pallet companies who can custom make pallets to fit the packaging size needed. Our fleet of trucks can directly deliver your unitized order in accordance with JIT delivery standards. This helps streamline distribution processes and ensures that inventory management remains simple and efficient for our customers.

323_Warehouse_1_CCWarehousing – 
Cumberland has over 100,000 square feet of modern, sprinkled warehouse space at its main manufacturing campus and two additional warehouse buildings. Our warehousing operations provide customers who need the luxury and safety of having plenty of supply always available. If your company has a Just in Time (JIT) program, Cumberland can provide the warehouse space on a term basis to accommodate your needs and minimize your on-the-floor inventory.