The current management team at Cumberland Container has literally grown up in the business. The current management team has members that have work for 20 and 30 years of the company’s 48 year history and during these years, the company has experienced its largest period of growth. Committed to the values of the company, which emphasizes customer service as well as a safe and favorable work environment for all employees and responsible management for the owners, the management team is dedicated, hard working and practice the highest level of integrity and professionalism in the business.



Management Committee

Beginning in February 2016, Cumberland Container is now managed by a committee of Senior employees and a representative of the Ownership. The members of the Management Committee include Randy Swallows (Sales – 32-year veteran), Scott Watson (Estimating/Design – 29 years), Mike Bowman (Floor Supervisor/Scheduler – 26), Jeff Monday (Sales/HR – 10), Tim Dunn (CFO – 12) and Mark Jared (Director – 5). All the members have years of experience at Cumberland. The committee sets overall goals and strategies and meets as necessary to review. This management arrangement has proven extremely positive in multiple ways including better communication, greater transparency, increased efficiency, greater accountability and a morale boost to all employees.


Randy-300-2016Randy Swallows    Sales Manager  “Member of the Executive Committee”

In 1985, Randy began his professional career at Cumberland Container and he has come up through the ranks to become the Sales Manager for the last 16 years. Randy has operated all the plant machinery and was a plant supervisor for a number of years. The experience gained working on the floor, operating equipment, has provided him with a unique insight to what can be produced in the best and most efficient manner. It also allows Randy to look at a customer’s needs and immediately see the possibilities for packaging and how best to fulfill those requirements. Working with the design team, Randy and other sales personnel have been able to assist Cumberland’s customers in numerous cost and time saving projects. Randy is always available and focused on spoiling Cumberland’s customers with service.


Tim_Dunn_300Tim Dunn   Chief Financial Officer  “Member of the Executive Committee”

Tim has forty years experience with ever increasing knowledge, skill, education and training in manufacturing management and leadership. In addition to a B.S. Degree in Accounting and an MBA, Tim has worked in various industries ranging from auto parts, textiles, and printing, as well as nine years in corrugated box making. As CFO, Tim is responsible for all the financial and accounting aspects of the company and works closely with customers, vendors, outside auditors and bankers to ensure that all the financial aspects of the financial management are sound. Tim is a professional business manager and a manufacturing expert with focus on financial and accounting management making it possible for customers to feel confident that Cumberland’s payments and billings are overseen professionally and with the utmost integrity.


Sales_and_Customer_Service2_300Sales and Customer Service

Sales and customer service are lead by Randy Swallows, member of Cumberland’s executive committee. However the real day to day work with the customers is done by Jeff Jones (middle), Lori Phillips (left) and Holly Hassler (right). All these dedicated professionals work closely with production supervisors and transportation to make sure orders are produced and delivered on schedule. They continuously review orders to ensure all aspects of any order are produced and printed as required and follow up to insure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


Quality_Control2-300Operations and Quality Control

Mike Bowman, member of Cumberland’s executive committee head up Operations and Quality Control at Cumberland supported by Andrew Miller. Mike Bowman, along with Andrew Miller, ensure that all production meets both Cumberland’s standards as well as that of our customers. Our Quality Management System (QMS) complies with all applicable requirements contained in ISO9000:2000 from PPAP of product in our design room to on-time delivery to your door. Our commitment to our customers is always to produce orders right the first time, repeat that process every time, and to continuously improve. Based on consistent feedback from our vendors and customers, our commitment to quality products, processes, and responses are second to none.