Creative Graphics and Structural Design Services

Our knowledgeable design department has many years of experience in structural and graphic design. We use the latest in Artios Packaging design software and a sophisticated, computer-driven Kongsberg cutting table to make custom prototypes and samples to your exact specifications or to create innovative designs for your consideration. Let our designers review your parts requirements and determine the safest design and most cost-effective corrugated board and flute performance combinations for your next project. To date, Cumberland’s designers have helped hundreds of customers find design solutions that have saved them time and thousands of dollars.

Our team can offer your company packaging technical support to help your business grow–whether it’s with eye-catching graphics or a unique structural design. Our team is here to help.

  • We are one of the few in our region who specialize in the design and manufacture of BIG BOXES to meet your most demanding corrugated packaging needs.
  • Creative options and in-house graphic and structural design centers provide customers top-of-the-line solutions.
  • We can analyze your current packaging to evaluate cost effectiveness, functionality and performance.
  • We have fast, dependable design production and cost-saving ideas.
  • Point of purchase corrugated displays are a cost-effective method to get your product to the market. Our design team has a proven track record of creating unique eye-catching display designs.

With three full-time designers on staff, we can bring your ideas from concept to finished product. From point of purchase displays to brown boxes for industrial needs, we are always searching for ways to provide more efficient solutions.

For specialized small quantities of boxes, we also can utilize the design equipment to meet your order.


Xante Excelagraphix 4800 Digital Printer

Xante EG4800_v2The newly purchased and installed Xante Digital printer allows Cumberland to provide print packaging in house saving time and money while providing an additional service to the customer. The Excelagraphix 4800 will produce full color samples in house avoiding customers having to purchase printing plates, incur set up charges to review samples. The Xante only requires a PDF file and it can immediately produce samples for approval and then to production runs. Although not a large industrial printer it does allow customers to design custom boxes, and then run production up to 400 boxes per hour. It further helps to eliminate labels that can be costly by printing directly on the box. This machine has multiple applications that allow Cumberland to respond to printing changes almost instantly.



Esko Kongsberg XL-Series: Record-breaking productivity and versatility

The Esko Kongsberg XL-Series of die-less cutting and creasing tables for packaging applications are the benchmark in their kind for reliability and productivity. It delivers record-breaking productivity and versatility, resulting from leading edge technology. The Kongsberg table is one of the industry’s most cost-effective machines, loaded with unique features that save time and boost sample quality. The Kongsberg XL 46 sample table was installed in Cumberland Container in 2005 and has capabilities that range from E flute to Triple-Wall to Foam, it is mainly used for short production runs and customer samples.



We are very excited to announce the newest machine to Cumberland’s already wide variety of equipment. Introducing the BCS AutoBOX! It has recently been installed and is ready for your custom orders. The AutoBOX is servo controlled, meaning it is capable of automatically changing styles and sizes, reducing the need for tooling and manual set ups. Using Quick Set UP technology and touch activated screens, the box style and size are easily entered and stored so that we may create a multitude of boxes with little setup time and no expensive cuttings dies to purchase. The AutoBOX is versatile in its handling of corrugated sheets. It can run different thicknesses of corrugated with ease, from E-Flute to Triple Wall. The BCS AutoBOX uses just a quarter of the energy traditional box making machines use, saving you further production costs. Please contact for any questions.